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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Statement

In regards to the efforts of LOTTE DUTY FREE to provide the world-class products and services, data protection activities are not a choice but a necessity.
Therefore, all executives and employees at LOTTE DUTY FREE must do their best to protect key information assets
from numerous threats such as internal/external hacking and data leakage.

To this end, we hereby establish and declare the Privacy Policy Statement as follows:
We uphold the protection of personal information with the highest priority.
We abide by the Privacy Policy of the company.
We are aware of the importance of the data protection and take responsibility for it.
We protect information assets from illegal access and leakage.

We promise to become a company that puts the data protection first to gain global trust beyond customers, partners, local communities and country.

December 19th, 2022

Hotel Lotte DFS Co, Ltd