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We provide a systematic training program
for talented individuals seeking to join us
in becoming the number one global travel retailer.
Level classes
Training necessary skills depending on job position
Executive training
Training for enhancing executives' management skills
GRADE training
Customized training to enhance skills based on job positions
Introductory training
Training to enhance the field-centered work capacity and to strengthen the organizational adaptibility for new recruits(new and experienced employees)
On-the-job training
Training to enhance work skills
On-the job school
Classes to produce professionals on latest theories and to enhance work skills
Job Certification System
Nurturing basic required knowledge for the job and granting relevant certification
Outsourced training
If necessary, oursourced training programs are supported based on individual job positions
Global training
Cultivating abilities necessary for the global era
Resident employee training
Training communication, global culture, and group management skills for resident employee's role
Local employee training
Internalizing group values and enhancing practical work skills
Other training
Support various education related to work and self-development
Language training
In-house and exteranl language training for enhancing linguistic capabilities such as English, Japanese, and Korean
Support reading and online education, according to the personal preferences, through EZ learning