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Consumer Centered Management

Consumer Centered Management

Lotte Duty Free actively utilizes the CCM scheme as part of its efforts to achieve consumer-centered management.

About the CCM scheme

CCM is a scheme for evaluating whether a company is (re)establishing all the activities based on the consumer's perspectives (consumer-oriented), and whether the related management activities ensure continuous improvements in accordance with the Framework Act on Consumers.

CCM certification mark
CCM certification mark
Certifying agency
Certifying agency
Operating agency
Operating agency

Anticipated effect

  • Rapid and reasonable solution
  • Provision of enough selectable
    information on products
    and services
  • Communication via different
  • Contribution to sales increase
  • Strengthening external competitiveness
  • Improvement in the company's
  • Social cost reduction
  • Nurturing a consumer-oriented virtuous cycle in the market
  • Expansion of win-win culture between the company and consumer