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Occupational Health & Safety Management

LOTTE DUTY FREE clearly understands the
roles of health and safety management
in sustainable development
as essential business management
elements for business operations.

Thus, LOTTE DUTY FREE's occupational health and safety management policies

Put safety as a top priority over every other value,
  • LOTTE DUTY FREE will make more strict safety policies and carefully comply with health and safety laws and regulations.
  • LOTTE DUTY FREE will never delay to address safety issues or hesitate to improve safety-related conditions regardless of cost, time, or practice.
Share health and safety policies and safety awareness,
  • All LOTTE DUTY FREE's employees are expected to familiar with the proper emergency response procedures as well as proper health and safety policies
  • All LOTTE DUTY FREE’s employees are responsible for receiving appropriated health and safety training regularly
  • LOTTE DUTY FREE will ensure all partners and interested parties understand the importance of health and safety and strictly follow the safety policies.
Lead communication and continuous improvement,
  • All LOTTE DUTY FREE employees have responsibilities towards their managers or health and safety department to immediately report any threats to health and safety.
  • All LOTTE DUTY FREE’s employees are required to constantly improve safety-related conditions and willingly identify every possible threat to security and health.

As members of the future global top player, all LOTTE DUTY FREE’s employees are committed to comply with above policies, respecting life, accomplishing social responsibility, and contributing to maintain the safest and healthiest possible work environment

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