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Consumer Centered Management

Criteria for
consumer dispute

Lotte Duty Free assigns a manager at each store to reflect legitimate customer opinions and complaints and minimize damages or settle disputes. In principle, all complaints are handled by the originating department or the customer's place of purchase.
Disputes between Lotte Duty Free stores and customers are handled according to the "general criteria for consumer dispute settlement" stipulated by the Framework Act on Consumers. Lotte Duty Free takes active consumer protection measures such as devising methods for the remedy of damages, unless there is any separate manifestation as to the method of dispute settlement between the parties in dispute.
Lotte Duty Free may abide by the mediation instructed by the head of a central administrative agency, mayor/governor, President of the Korea Consumer Agency, or consumer groups.
In a case where immediate relief based on the dispute settlement criteria is impractical due to restrictions of other statutes, Lotte Duty Free rapidly informs the customer and takes appropriate action.
Handling of disputes raised by online Lotte Duty Free customers is done in accordance with Article 22 (Dispute Settlement) of the Lotte Duty Free Terms and Conditions and relevant laws and handling criteria.