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VIP Member Terms of Service

Article 1 (Purpose)

The purpose of these terms of service is to stipulate all rights, obligations and relevant procedures, etc. of the Lotte Duty Free members and Lotte Duty Free (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") during the Lotte Duty Free VIP members’ use of the member services provided by the Company .

Article 2 (Definition of Members)

"Lotte Duty Free VIP Member" (hereinafter referred to as the "VIP Member") refers to a customer who consented to these terms of service and joined the Lotte Duty Free VIP membership of the Company.
"Lotte Duty Free VIP Card" (hereinafter referred to as the "Card") refers to a card exclusively for the membership, without settlement function, approved by the Company for the VIP Members to normally use the Lotte Duty Free member service. Provided, when applied for membership in person through Lotte Internet Duty Free, a card will be issued by visiting the store after applying for membership.
"Lotte Duty Free Off-line Member Service" (hereinafter referred to as the "Service") refers to a service provided by the Company and the partner companies of the Company for the VIP Members, and shall be as described in Article 3 of these terms of service.
"Members of Lotte Internet Duty Free" refers to a person who has entered into a contract with Lotte Internet Duty Free to use its services by registering his/her ID and password; said person may continuously be provided with Lotte Internet Duty Free’s information and continue to use its services. Member includes "L.Point joint member" and "individual member of Lotte internet."
"L.Point Joint Member" refers to a member who is registered as a member through the member system that integrates various points operated by individual affiliates of Lotte Group into L.Point by joining as a member through L.Point site.
"Lotte Internet Individual Member" refers to a person who registered for membership to only receive the services provided by Lotte Internet Duty Free by joining the membership through Lotte Internet Duty Free website.
"Green Member" refers to a person who became a member by consenting to the Green Member Terms of Service through Lotte Internet Duty Free or offline Lotte Duty Free Shop and granted a green class.
"LDF PAY" refers to an LDF Pay offered or accumulated to Lotte Duty Free member with joint ID and is a settlement method at Lotte Internet Duty Free or offline Lotte Duty Free Shop. LDF PAY is classified into LDF PAY, which is offered or accumulated through promotions and LDF PAY for sale, which is sold.
"Joint ID" refers to unique recognition letters given to each member based on passport number, nationality and birthdays of Lotte Internet Duty Free Members, VIP Members and Green Members to offer, use and transfer LDF PAY.

Article 3 ("VIP Member" Services)

The following are the services provided to the VIP Members.

Discount Service: VIP Members can use the Services provided by the Company and partner companies, such as discount and free use, etc.
Priority Service: VIP Members can accumulate purchase money from purchasing products from the Company and may apply the accumulated purchase money to the VIP Member class system stipulated by the Company. (The priority service includes the LDF PAY services).
Other Services: The Company and partner company may develop additional Services and provide to the VIP Members
LDF PAY Service: May present, accumulate, transferred and use the LDF PAY and LDF PAY for sale.

Article 4 (Membership Registration and Card Issuance)

Customers wishing to register as a VIP Member shall present his/her passport, complete the items on the "Lotte Duty Free VIP Member Application" and consent to these terms of service and collection, use and provision or personal information, or apply for membership registration by applying through the Lotte Internet Duty Free website.
The Company shall issue the Card to the customers who satisfy the standards set by the Company, after a review by the Company, and the VIP Member status cannot be transferred to another or used for the purposes of a loan or to be put up as a collateral.
Only Koreans and foreigners over the age of 14 qualify to become VIP Members.

Article 5 (Use and Management of Member Card)

A VIP Member shall present the Card when intending to use the Services of the Company and partner companies.
When a VIP Member presents the Card to use the Services, the Company or the partner company may request for an identification for personal verification. In such a case, the VIP Member shall receive a regular Service by complying with the requests of the Company and/or the partner company.
The Card shall be used only by the VIP Member and shall not be leased/delegated to another or provided for the purposes of transfer or collateral, without a prior consent of the Company. The Company shall not be liable for any damage incurred from leasing/delegating the Card to others or providing for the purposes of transfer or collateral by the VIP Member, notwithstanding this provision.
The Company may suspend or forfeit the VIP membership for any abuse of the Card by a VIP Member, and the member may not register or use the Services for 5 years thereafter.
The Card shall be managed under the responsibility of the VIP Member, and any damage, loss or theft, etc. of the Card from intentional or negligent actions of the VIP Member shall be notified to the Company immediately.
A VIP Member wishing to be re-issued with the Card due to damage, loss or theft of the Card shall apply for a re-issuance of the Card by presenting his/her passport and completing the application for Card re-issuance.

Article 6 (Membership Withdrawal and Loss of Qualification)

VIP Member may request to withdraw from VIP membership at any time in writing, telephone or other methods stipulated by the Company, and the Company shall immediately take necessary measures to withdraw the VIP Member. Provided, when there are LDF PAY for sale to be refunded, the withdrawal shall be processed after making the refund. When re-registering after the membership withdrawal, he/she shall be considered a new member, not a VIP Member.

When a VIP Member becomes applicable to any one of the following grounds, the Company may disqualify the VIP Member qualification by notifying each of the following clauses to the VIP Member. Provided, in case of i), the member becomes disqualified automatically, without a separate notice.

  1. ⅰ.Upon death of the member
  2. ⅱ.When false information was registered, filled-out or notified on the member application
  3. ⅲ.When using the member service for improper method or purpose
  4. ⅳ.When violating the obligations of a member stipulated in these terms of service or for taking actions against public order
  5. v.When continuously disrupts duties of the Company or the employees of the Company during the use of the Company’s Services or transaction or using insults, threats, violent words, violence or incident words or causing damage
  6. vi.When not paying the liabilities of the member in relation to the use of the Lotte Duty Free by the deadline
  7. vii.When illegally using other’s member information and personal information
  8. viii.For request for member withdrawal for the member with improper purposes, such as illegally or expediently receives economic benefits, such as discount coupon, event benefits, etc. provided by Lotte Duty Free by repeatedly terminating voluntarily, etc., or improper use of coupon issuance, use, etc. through re-registration after conducting illegal actions, such as illegal use of other’s name, and withdrawal (membership withdrawal after cancelling orders)
  9. ix.When habitually cancelling, returning or requesting compensation, even when the purchased products or the Services are without fault
  10. x.When habitually requesting compensation exceeding the standards of the consumer dispute resolution, without due reason
  11. xi.When indicating or distributing false information in relation to the operation of Lotte Duty Free
  12. xii.When members in the lowest grade do not have sales records for 5 years
A VIP Member disqualified due to Paragraph 2 of this Article may present evidence showing that each items under Paragraph 2 are not from his/her intentional or negligent actions. In such a case, the Company shall review the explanation provided by the VIP Members, and when the assertion of the VIP Member is deemed to be adequate, the Company shall allow a regular use of the Service to the VIP Member.

Membership withdrawal pursuant to Paragraph 1 or membership disqualification pursuant to Paragraph 2 shall become finalized as follows.

  1. ⅰ.Membership withdrawal or membership disqualification shall become finalized on the date requesting the VIP Member withdrawal or the date of notification on the disqualification of membership.
  2. Provided, the disqualification from death under ② ⅰ) shall be finalized on the date of death.
When the member registration is finally cancelled, all rights as a Member, including the LDF PAY of the Member offered or accumulated from off-line Lotte Duty Free, shall lapse. Provided, information on lapse of the balance LDF PAY and method of use shall be provided to the Member, whose member registration is cancelled, prior to the withdrawal.
Customers with sales type LDF PAY (LDF PAY for sale) shall proceed with the member withdrawal after receiving refund of LDF PAY for sale, pursuant to the LDF PAY for sale terms of service or after statute of limitations have completed for the concerned LDF PAY for sale.
When there is LDF PAY for sale during a withdrawal from overseas Lotte Duty Free or when there are LDF PAY during the joining of member information, the concerned VIP number becomes withdrawn normally, and the LDF Pay retained shall be transferred to Green Member.

Article 7 (Joint ID)

The Joint ID shall be issued by Lotte Duty Free based on the member’s nationality, passport number and date of birth on the passport, and each member can possess one Joint ID. Members in relation to the issuance and use of the Joint ID include Lotte Internet Duty Free Member, VIP Member and Green Member.
LDF PAY (including LDF PAY and LDF PAY for sale) given by Lotte Internet Duty Free and offline Lotte Duty Free are offered or accumulated based on the Joint ID.
Member information on the Lotte Internet Duty Free and offline Lotte Duty free of the members issued with the Joint ID shall be linked based on the Joint ID. At such a time, each member shall proceed with certifying whether to automatically link the information on Lotte Internet Duty Free and offline Lotte Duty Free, and upon failing automatic link certification, the member information can be linked through a passport certification procedure through member services of Lotte Duty Free or gift desk of offline Lotte Duty Free.
When a member, who is issued with a Joint ID, changes his/her member and personal information on either Lotte Internet Duty Free or offline Lotte Duty Free, the linked nationality and passport number are changed through the Joint ID.
When a member, who is issued with a Joint ID, withdraws from Green Member, Lotte Duty Free Member and VIP Member, all together, the concerned Joint ID can no longer be used.
When receipt of LDF PAY through entering information of another is verified, the concerned LDF PAY cannot be used and the member information shall be deactivated.
Rights on the loss of LDF PAY from entering information, not his/her own, shall not be asserted, and Lotte Duty Free shall not be liable.
When loss on LDF PAY of another customer occurs due to entering information not his/her own, Lotte Duty Free shall collect the LDF PAY through personal identification procedure, and the concerned member information may be deleted at the discretion of Lotte Duty Free.
LDF PAY improperly accumulated shall lapse at the time of disqualification notification, and the member shall not assert any rights on such. Moreover, the Member or persons involved in the improper accumulation may be civilly or criminally liable for improper profits acquired, meaning purchasing products or using services with improperly accumulated LDF PAY, pursuant to the relevant laws.
When passport information of a dormant member of Lotte Internet Duty Free linked with Joint ID is changed, the change shall be processed after activating the dormant status.

Article 8 (Collection, Use and Provision of Personal Information)

The Company collects personal information through the information provided by the VIP Member at the time of application and information generated from using the VIP Member Card afterwards. The Company analyzes these information and uses the information in marketing activities to provide better services.

The following are the personal information the Company collects from the VIP Member.

the personal information the Company collects from the VIP Member
Classification Item Purpose Retention and Use Period
Matters on Collection and Use of Personal Information [Required Items]
Name (Korean, English), Gender, Date of Birth, Nationality, Mobile Telephone Number
Identification related to service provision and management, accident investigation, complaints processing, performing legal obligations, member management through issuing joint member number (Joint ID), synchronizing personal information between VIP Member, Lotte Internet Duty Free Member and Green Member information based on the Joint ID Destroyed when withdrawing membership or removed as a member
[Optional Items]
E-Mail, Address, Mobile Telephone Number
Used for marketing, such as providing information on products and services, gifts and events, etc., market research and product development and research, customer analysis and used for marketing customized to each customer
Matters on Collection and Use of Personally Identifiable Information [Required Items]
Passport Number
Personal identification for service provision and management, providing member services
When the Company intends to collect personal information pursuant to Paragraphs 1 and 2 of this Article, the Company obtains consent on collection, use and provision of personal information from the VIP Member.
The Company uses the collected personal information only within the purposes of providing customized customer service and purposes listed in the "Consent on Collection, Use and Provision of Personal Information" through the service vitalization, and the personal information of the VIP Members shall be provided only to the providers listed in the "Consent on Collection, Use and Provision of Personal Information."

The Company shall not use the collected personal information beyond the purposes indicated in the aforementioned Paragraph, without the consent of the VIP Members, except for the following.

  1. ⅰ.Where personal information is provided in a manner keeping a specific individual unidentifiable necessarily for such purposes as compiling statistics, research or marketing activities, etc.
  2. ⅱ.Where specific provisions exist in other laws

Article 9 (Retention and Use Period and Outsourcing of Personal Information)

The Company shall retain and use the personal information of a VIP Member collected until the VIP Member maintains the member qualification. If the VIP Member withdraws or becomes disqualified, the Company shall delete and destroy the collected member information, unless requested by the VIP Member.
Notwithstanding the Paragraph 1 of this Article, if required to retain the information of the VIP Member for a fixed period due to verification of transaction of the VIP Member, etc. pursuant to the Commercial Act, Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, Etc., the Company may retain such information for the period stipulated in the relevant laws.
As a rule, the Company performs the duties, such as handling and managing the collected personal information (hereinafter referred to as the "Duties"); however, when necessary, the Company may outsource all or part of the Duties to a company selected by the Company.
VIP application form will be immediately deleted after storing to database.

Article 10 (Member’s Rights for the Protection of Personal Information and Personal Information Management)

The VIP Member may always withdraw the consent pursuant to Article 8 of these terms of service, at any time, by means of withdrawing membership.
The VIP Member may request access to his/her personal information to the Company through the privacy officer or manager announced by the Company and may request correction on any errors on his/her personal information.
When the Company receives withdrawal of consent pursuant to Paragraph 1 of this Article or request for access or correction pursuant to Paragraph 2 of this Article from the VIP Member, the Company shall take necessary measures, without delay.
The Company appointed privacy officer and manager to protect the personal information of the VIP Member and to process the complaints related to the personal information. The contact information of the privacy officer and manager can be found in the "Privacy Policy" within the Company’s homepage.
The Company exerts efforts to have a security system for the VIP Members to safely use the services and to protect the personal information of the VIP Members.

Article 11 (Change Notification)

The VIP Member shall immediately notify the Company upon any changes to the personal information provided to the Company, and the Company shall not be liable for any loss from neglecting such obligations.

Article 12 (Amendments and Miscellaneous Provisions)

These terms of service may be amended pursuant to the Company’s policy change, enactment and/or amendment of relevant laws, recommendation of the government authority and other necessities, and when the Company intends to amend these terms of service, the Company shall notify the VIP Members on the fact of the amendment, the substance of the amendment, etc. from 7 days prior to the effective date of the amended terms of service in 1 or more methods stipulated below. Provided, the terms disadvantageous to the users shall be notified with a 30-day grace period.

  1. ⅰ. Posting on the promotion website of Lotte Duty Free (
  2. ⅱ. Posting on the Lotte Internet Duty Free website
  3. ⅲ. E-mail notification
  4. ⅳ. Mobile phone message
  5. v. Posting in the Company’s stores

In case of ⅲ and ⅳ, the e-mail address and/or telephone number provided most recently by the VIP Member shall be used for the notification.

When the terms of service requires urgent change due to amendment of the laws, the Company shall immediately post, for 1 month or longer, the fact of the amendment and the substance of the amendment on the homepage of the Company, and shall inform the VIP Members through the notification methods stipulated in Article 12, Paragraph 1 of these terms of service.
The terms of service amended pursuant to the terms of this Article shall become effective as intended, as a rule.
The VIP Members objecting to the amended terms of service may withdraw membership. Provided, the VIP members who did not withdrew membership within 30 days after the notice of the Company pursuant to Paragraphs 1 and 2 of this Article, even though objecting to the amendment, shall be deemed to have consented to the amended terms of service.
The notice or notification stipulated in each Article of these terms of service shall apply mutatis mutandis to the notification method and the effect of the notice of this Article.
Any terms not stipulated in these terms of service and any interpretations on these terms of services shall be pursuant to the relevant laws and commercial practices.
All liabilities from violating these terms of service shall be borne by the violator and shall indemnify any loss cause to another party thereof.
Mediation of any conflict from these terms of service and Card issuance and use shall be settled through mutual agreement between the VIP Member and the Company pursuant to general commercial practices. Upon failure to reach an agreement, a court in the jurisdiction of the location of the Company shall have jurisdiction on all disputes and lawsuits related to these terms of service.
LOTTE DUTY FREE is committed to enhancing right of members and compliance with related standards based on Article 20 OF FRAMEWORK ACT ON CONSUMERS.