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Fair Trade

Lotte Duty Free’s CP Missions

CP 미션

Respect different opinions, improve communication, comply with principles, and build trust in communities.

Shape CP culture for sustainable management
CP 4대 전략
  • Proclaim to fulfill CP requirements
  • Educate and train employees
  • Build a monitoring system
  • Motivate employees

Managers of the Compliance Program

LOTTE Duty Free Shop appoints the compliance program manager in order to establish the compliance program and operate it effectively.

Program Manager
Executive Director

Position Director of the
Support Division

  • The compliance program manager is a
    representative in charge of the fair trade issues and the operation of the compliance program.
  • The compliance program manager is an
    executive of the department where the fair
    trade personnel works.

LOTTE DFS’s Compliance Organization


Compliance Management Committee(Establishing policies / punishment)
Chairman: Compliance Manager / Committee Members: Compliance Managers (7) for different departments

Compliance Program ManagerOverall Management of compliance program / CEO’s direct compliance program adviser

Compliance Operation ManagerGiving advice on fair trade,making a manual / compliance manager operations

Working-level Compliance StaffResponsible management for Each
Compliance Manager category

Compliance Staff by Division and StoreChecking compliance status by organization / distributing a manual /
carrying out education / designating document manager

Compliance Operation Officer in Charge

Checking for any law violation by division and store (twice a year) / Carrying out education for employees and offering practical advice / Establishing and managing a manual

Classification Internal / External Education Consultation
Hours of Education At least two hours every six months As frequently as needed
Method of Education Online and Offline Online and Offline
  • - Education for employees of the concerned departments
  • - Checking the effect of the education and offering feedback
  • - Rules on fair trade
  • - Offering advice on practical questions

Compliance Program Implementation Status

  • ㆍ 2013. The Fair Trade Compliance Guidelines was published.
  • ㆍ 2014. 06 The Lotte Duty Free’s Field CP Monitoring System was introduced.
  • ㆍ 2014. 05 The introduction of the Fair Trade Compliance Program was introduced.
  • ㆍ 2014. 11 The Fair Trade Compliance Handbook was published.
  • ㆍ 2015. 11 The Fair Trade Test for Employees was introduced.
  • ㆍ 2016. 01 The establishment of Lotte Duty Free’s CP Management Policy was announced.
  • ㆍ 2017. 06 Kim Junam was appointed as the second Compliance Director of Lotte Duty Free.
  • ㆍ 2017. 10 The Fair Trade Compliance Handbook (2nd ed. Rev.) was published.
  • ㆍ 2017. 12 The Ceremony for Fair Trade and Mutual Growth with Partners was hold.
  • ㆍ 2018. 12 The Fair Trade Compliance Handbook (3rd ed. Rev.) was published.
  • ㆍ 2019. 07 The establishment of Compliance Standards was announced.