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Fair Trade

Dear employees of
LOTTE Duty Free

LOTTE Duty Free Shop hereby announces that it will be
voluntarily committed to the compliance of fair trade rules.
This is being done in order to establish the foundation to become
a world-leading retailer in the age of global competition,
and build business
through fair and free competition.


Jang. Sun Wook

LOTTE DFS established the ethics code with the aim to promote mutual growth with its partners, social contribution activities, and the integral implementation of duties in order to improve its corporate social responsibility.

In addition, the ethics code has been made the behavioral standard for all employees. In addition, we wish to introduce the fair trade compliance program to strengthen our customers’ and partners’ trust in us. Today, as we are introducing the program, I hope it reinforces the culture of fair trade compliance in our company by appointing a voluntary compliance manager and personnel in charge of the voluntary compliance in each division.

Therefore, I wish that each and every employee will be able to join in the company’s efforts of fair trade compliance by keeping in mind the following action agenda

  1. 01Employees should not conduct unfair business practice in any business areas by recognizing that voluntary fair trade compliance and mutual growth with partners are what comprise true competitiveness.
  2. 02Systems to oversee, monitor and report compliance matters should be reinforced with the fair trade compliance manger playing the leading role.
  3. 03Employees should actively participate in training designed to strengthen their fair trade capabilities.

Dear Employees,
As the result of our tireless efforts together, LOTTE Duty Free Shop has grown into Asia’s leading duty-free shop, going beyond Korea in all sectors including goods, brand and service.

We encourage each and every employee of the company to join the efforts to make LOTTE DFS a company that contributes to enriching the lives of the people by offering a more reliable service based on this compliance program as a stepping-stone.

Thank you. May 30, 2014

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