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Fair Trade

Message from CEO

Dear colleagues,

After proclaiming to fulfill the fair trade requirements in 2014, Lotte Duty Free has supported many Fair Trade Compliance Program activities to stay competitive in the global market and become the world’s leading retailer.

Many global leading companies already created social values and sustainable business models through fair competition and ethical management practices.

The adoption of the Fair Trade Compliance Program leads Lotte Duty Free to become the
world’s second-largest duty free retailer who goes beyond Asia
and now competes fairly on the global market.
In addition to the Lotte Duty Free’s code of ethics developed for mutual
growth with partners, social contribution, and integral performance,
our employees who strive to implement the code correctly
are the energy that drives us to this success.

Now, I hope our employees bear in mind the Lotte Group’s mission
of “enriching people’s lives by providing superior products and services
that our customers love and trust.”, focus on fulfilling the fair trade
requirements, and help Lotte Duty Free become the world’s most
successfully and most loved duty free retailer fulfilling its social
responsibility. I also promise you to shape and foster a strong
ethical business culture. Thank you very much.

December, 2018

Lee Kap, CEO of Lotte Duty Free

Message from Compliance Director

Dear colleagues,

Thanks you all the years we have worked together for supporting
Lotte Duty Free go beyond Korean product, brand, and service
markets and become the top duty free retailer leading Asia.

After adopting the Fair Trade Compliance Program in 2014,
Lotte Duty Free develops a code of ethics and helps employees
implement the code correctly to build and strengthen trust with
customers and partners. These positive forces push
Lotte Duty Free toward a healthy corporate culture based on
fair trade principles.

[Guide for Lotte Duty Free’s Employees]
  1. 01 Employees should understand that implementation of fair trade and mutual growth with partners are key factors that give the company a competitive edge stay competitive and try not to engage in any unfair or unjust activities.
  2. 02 Employees should tighten the compliance monitoring, auditing, and reporting system under the supervision of the Fair Trade Compliance Director.
  3. 03 Employees should participate in educational programs for improving their understanding on fair trade.

Today, having a transparent and ethical culture is no longer an option but a requirement for survival. Only companies fulfilling their social responsibilities through ethical practices can stay ahead of competition and earn loyalty from customers and stakeholders.

Understanding and participation of all employees including the CEO and the Compliance Director is the key to maintain an ethical business environment. In addition to having a strong ethic, applying the work ethic to daily life is pathway to foster a strong ethical culture. I hope every employee of Lotte Duty Free support the improvement of the company’s ethical climate. The doors of the Compliance Director’s Office are always open. Thank you very much.

December, 2018

Kim Junam,Complaince Director