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Ethical Management

LOTTE Duty Free’s Ethics Code

  • Our Promise to our Customers
    • Customer Respect
    • Customer Satisfaction
    • Customer Trust
  • Our Employees’ Promise
    • Compliance with regulations
    • Faithful implementation of duties
    • Mutual respect
    • Information and security management
  • Promise to our Partners
    • Fair trade, Mutual growth
    • No unethical behaviors
  • Promise to Society
    • Healthy corporate activities
    • Social contributions
    • Environmentally-friendly management
    • Safety management and accident prevention

LOTTE Duty Free Shop will seek to achieve a fair and transparent corporate culture and corporate social reliability in order to grow as a leading global company.

To this end, LOTTE Duty Free has thus established its code of ethics that stipulate principles and regulations to be observed by all employees—all the time and in every location—and have them commit to it.

[ Chapter 1 ] General Rules

Article 1 [ Purpose ]
1. The purpose of this ethics code is to set a framework for the company’s ethical management by establishing a standard for proper behaviors and values to be practiced by all LOTTE Duty Free employees thus contributing to strengthening the awareness on the practice of ethical management.
Article 2 [ Scope of Application ]
1. This ethics code is for all employees, partners and employees of partners who carry out the business of LOTTE Duty Free.
Article 3 [ Organization ]
1. The company holds the right to separately set up an ethics commission to enforce this ethics code.
2. The enforcement of this ethics code is mainly performed by the Ethical Management Team.
Article 4 [ Application ]
1. Any violation against this ethics code will be taken care of in accordance with the regulations of the Personnel Committee. For those otherwise stipulated in those regulations, additional rules can be added to this ethics code.

[ Chapter 2 ] Promise to Customers

Article 5 [ Customer Respect ]
1. We protect the best interests of our customers by prioritizing their opinions and behaviors as the best standard for our management practices.
2. We respect and understand what our customers think and create values that are in favor of their interests.
Article 6 [ Customer Satisfaction ]
1. We strive to be the No. 1 choice for our customers by offering the best products and services.
2. We respond to and deal with the complaints and suggestions of our customers in a timely and correct manner by clearly identifying what they need.
Article 7 [ Customer Trust ]
1. We do not offer any false or exaggerated information to our customers. We only provide correct and honest information.
2. We always tell the truth and stick to the promises we made to our customers.
3. Any customer information should not be disclosed outside or used for purposes other than those that were previously agreed upon.

[ Chapter 3 ] Promise of Our Employees

Article 8 [ Compliance with Regulations ]
1. We behave properly in accordance with the social norms, company rules, high ethical values, as well as the law.
Article 9 [ Faithful Implementation of Duty ]
1. We perform all our duties honestly and fairly. Also, we always strive to establish a fair corporate culture.
2. All information should be correctly and honestly recorded and reported. No document or figures should be fabricated or falsely reported.
3. We maintain our company assets and properties well. We do not utilize them for personal purposes.
4. We do not get a second job without permission from the company.
5. We increase our work efficiency through active cooperation and communications with colleagues and departments involved.
6. We do not accept any kind of economic gains—such as money, gift, treats, entertainment, etc.—that can adversely affect fairness in any way.
7. We do not lay burden on our colleagues and partners with personal family events.
8. Political rights and opinions of individuals should be respected. However, we do not carry out political activities in the company and utilize funds, facilities or human resources for political reasons.
Article 10 [ Self-development ]
1. We establish a desirable employee character code and strive to match up to it through ceaseless self-development.
2. Seniors should help their juniors develop capabilities by taking their aptitude and talents into consideration.
3. The company encourages its employees to constantly develop themselves and provide active support for them to improve capabilities that are required to perform their duties.
Article 11 [ Mutual Respect ]
1. We employees, should build a healthy and respectful team spirit. Also, we should strive to understand and cooperate with each other.
2. We do not discriminate against anyone based on their educational background, gender, religion, age, race, nationality, or other factors.
3. We do not form a clique or any private circle that causes disharmony in the organization.
4. We watch our behaviors and languages that could adversely affect a healthy work environment, avoiding sexual harassment, verbal abuse and violence.
5. We refrain from conducting cash only businesses and joint investments with our colleagues.
Article 12 [ Information and Security Management ]
1. We do not disclose any intellectual property or confidential information of the company to outsiders or third parties without prior consent or permission.
2. Individual employees, as well their families or friends, do not take personal gains by using internal information acquired over the course of work.
3. We thoroughly protect the company’s intellectual properties, which is the foundation of the company.

[ Chapter 4 ] Promise to Our Partners

Article 13 [ Fair Trade ]
1. All business with partners should be carried out in a transparent and fair manner.
2. We offer a fair chance for partners to participate in our business, provide them the necessary information and go through sufficient consultation on terms and conditions of business.
3. Laws and regulations on fair trade should be strictly observed.
Article 14 [ Growing Together ]
1. We recognize our partners as companions we work toward a common goal with by building mutual trust and cooperative relations.
2. We strengthen our competitiveness with our partners. We seek out mutual growth by providing legitimate support.
Article 15 [ Prevention of Unethical Behavior ]
1. We do not receive any money, gifts, entertainment, or favors from our partners.
2. We avoid abusing our position of power in activities with our partners.

[ Chapter 5 ] Promise to Society

Article 16 [ Healthy Corporate Activities ]
1. We respect the laws and regulations of the country and local communities we operate in, in addition to their social norms. We carry out reasonable and healthy corporate activities.
2. We denounce irregularities that hinder healthy corporate activities.
Article 17 [ Social Contributions ]
1. We contribute to local communities by ensuring and further encouraging the participation of our employees in social activities and volunteer works.
2. Along with contributions to the economic development of our society, we also make contributions through social and cultural activities. We strive to conduct management in accordance with social norms.
Article 18 [ Environment Protection ]
1. We follow the laws and regulations on environment protection.
2. We take a leading role in preventing and reducing environmental pollution. In addition, we strive to avoid the wasteful consumption of resources.
Article 19 [ Safety Management and Accident Prevention ]
1. We prevent any potential negligent accidents related to safety by observing international standards, related laws and internal regulations.
2. We regularly carry out training and education to prevent and quickly respond to any safety incidents.
3. We regularly perform inspection on various facilities.

[ Chapter 6 ] Treatment of Violation of Regulations

Article 20 [ Notification of Violation ]
1. Any behavior that are in violation of the ethics rules should be immediately notified to the company after one has recognized it or after it has been reported by a third person.
2. The company should ensure confidentiality for the protection of whistle blowers, as well as make sure that they do not suffer any reprisals for their actions.
3. Anyone who retaliates against whistle blowers may be subject to additional punishment within the scope of the company’s authority.
Article 21 [ Treatment of Violators ]
1. If any ethics violation are confirmed, the concerned department should make a written report and immediately notify the supervising team of such.
2. The supervising team reviews the report and requests to convene the Ethics Committee or Personnel Committee, if necessary.
3. Proper measures should be taken for the involved partner based on the severity of the matter. In addition, damages caused to the company should be compensated by the concerned partner.

[ Chapter 7 ] The Ethics Committee

Article 22 [ Formation of the Ethics Committee ]
1. The formation of the Ethics Committee and the nomination of members should be in accordance with the rules of the Personnel Committee.
Article 23 [ Calling of the Ethics Committee ]
1. If an ethics violation occurs, the supervising team or the concerned department should provide a detailed written report along with documents as evidence. In addition, a secretary of the committee should be immediately notified of such an act.
2. The secretary of the committee reviews the submitted report and decides on whether the Ethics Committee should be called or not.
Article 24 [ Reward and Punishment ]
1. The company can award employees who made contributions to the company’s ethical management by taking the advice of the Ethics Committee or Reward Committee. The level of reward and procedures should be in accordance with the related company rules.
2. Employees who violate the ethics rules may be subject to punishment, in accordance with the decision of the Ethics Committee. Also, the level of punishment and related matters should be in accordance with the related company rules.

[ Additional Rules ]

Article 1 [ Effective Date ]
1. This ethics code comes into effect from March 1, 2012 (amended on March 1, 2012).
2. This ethics code is amended and comes into effect from March 1, 2015
3. This ethics code is amended and comes into effect from November 1, 2015.
Article 2 [ Criteria of Translation ]
1. For matters that are not stipulated in this ethics code or in case of a discrepancy in translation, decisions and translation of the Ethics Committee should be followed