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Ethical Management

All executives and employees of Lotte Duty Free must comply with all relevant regulations, company rules,
and codes of conduct that apply to their work.

Trust Relationship with Customers

  • Provide the best products and services Be the first brand in the customers’ minds.
  • Honest marketing The easiest way to earn customer trust is through honesty.
  • Protect customer information Customer information is as valuable as our lives.
  • Brand protection You are the brand that represents Lotte to our customers.

Attracting customers to select our products and services solely based on the Lotte Duty Free brand. That is the power of trust.

Trust Relationship with Employee

  • Fair opportunities and fair treatment Strictly separate public and private businesses, ensure fair opportunities
  • Mutual respect among staff We are all someone’s precious family members.
  • Gender equality Lotte strives to make happy families and equal workplace together.
  • Safe working environment Safety is the starting point for all work.
  • Asset protection The company’s asset is for all Lotte employees.
  • Intellectual property protection Our intellectual property is the outcome of all our efforts: We must protect our intellectual property.
  • Information leak prevention Information leaks begin with trivial negligence.

We spend as much time as we do with our family members. We work together, marching towards one goal with our hands held together.
Trust is the thing that binds the special relationship among the Lotte family members.

Trust Relationship with Partners

  • Compliance with fair trade laws Fairness and trust make us one with our partner companies.
  • Respect for partners Partnership is stronger on the foundation of mutual respect.
  • Fair competition Fair competition makes us stronger.
  • Legal information collection Information collection must be conducted legally.
  • Prohibition of corruption and unfair favors Even the smallest favors extort compensation.

People who become one with partners with trust; people who are trusted even by competitors: We are trusted Lotte employees.

Trust Relationship with Society

  • Environmental protection Our natural environment is merely borrowed from our children’s generation.
  • Social value generation and social service Our greatest joy comes from sharing what we received from our community
    back to the community.
  • Respect for human rights Love and respect for people are important Lotte values.
  • Respect for cultural diversity We can only be respected when we respect others.
  • Compliance with foreign laws We must also respect foreign laws and make efforts to deter crimes.
  • Separation of politics and economics Politics and economics can only be effective when they are separated.

Lotte aims to become a responsible member of the community, practicing social service as a role model while earning trust from the society.