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Lotte Duty Free Holds "Cheerups" Project to Assist Local Businesses in Songpa-gu

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Lotte Duty Free (CEO Lee Kap) announced on July 21st that it plans to carry out "Cheerups" project, a corporate social responsibility (CSR) project that aims for coexistence with small business owners in the community.
The Cheerups project targets small business owners that have been in the culinary business for a year or longer in Songpa-gu, Seoul. Lotte Duty Free will be selecting up to 15 businesses through document screening. The recruitment period is three weeks from July 21 to August 10. More details of the project are available on Lotte Duty Free's CSR Instagram channel (@LDFImpact) or Operation Secretariat.
The selected businesses will be given eco-friendly food packages and cutleries made by Lotte Duty Free to contribute to solving major social issues, including the increased amount of waste due to the growing number of food deliveries. The project will also offer meal-kit assistance and hygiene control consulting for three months, in addition to overall marketing supports, such as online and offline promotional content production through collaboration with creators.

Lotte Duty Free allocated a budget of more than KRW 100 million for this project. For more extensive supports, the project will be conducted with the Seoul Business Agency and Korea Foodservice Industry Association. In 2022, Lotte Duty Free plans to expand the targets of the Cheerups project to Busan and Jeju and make it a regular long-term program.
Lee Sang-jin, the head of the Lotte Duty Free marketing division, said, “We hope this project will be helpful for small business owners that are going through hardships in the COVID-19 crisis. Lotte Duty Free will continue to grow with the local community and strive to fulfill its corporate social responsibility."
Cheerups is one of Lotte Duty Free’s major CSR projects that has been held since 2018 to promote coexistence with small business owners. It was carried out under the title "Nakhyangmisik" until last year. So far, 47 restaurants in major tourist sites, including Myeong-dong, Songpa-gu, Jeju, and Incheon, were benefited by the project. They were supported for the replacement of old signboards, making of menu books for foreigners, and business consulting.
Meanwhile, Lotte Duty Free launched a committee that pursues environmental, social, and governance (ESG) value and declared the ESG management vision in March. Since its declaration of the new CSR slogan "LDF Impact," Lotte Duty Free has been engaged in several CSR activities focusing on mutual growth with the community. One example of the project is the 3rd LDF Starups targeting young entrepreneurs in Busan.