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Delightful Korea

Delightful Korean sympathy including improvement
of tourism infrastructure, tourist attractions, etc.


Nakhyangmisik means ‘beautiful food to enjoy the pleasure’.

We support restaurants in key attractions by producing their menus with foreign languages and promoting them in various ways.
We try to provide and improve convenient tourism and promote win-win situations with communities through this project arranged by talent donations of executives and staff members ranging from translating Korean into foreign languages to design and public relations.

Nakhyangmisik menu 낙향미식 음식 가격 하기참조

물냉면 10,000원
물냉면+만두(2pc) 13,000원
온면 10,000원
온면+만두(2pc) 13,000원
만둣국 9,000원
수육 35,000원
홍어회 中 40,000원 小 20,000원