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Duty Free Guide

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Who can shop at duty free stores?

Outbound travelers leaving Korea are eligible to shop duty free

  • Customers must pick up their orders from the designated pickup counter in a duty free zone (airport or port) on their departure date
    (Unlike items from general e-commerce stores, duty free items cannot be shipped to your house)
  • Customers are eligible to shop duty free 30 days before their scheduled departure.
※ It is illegal to carry duty free items for or on behalf of another party or person, and both carrier and client may be punished according to the Customs Act.
Personal tax-free allowances for foreigners upon entry

For more details, please read the customs law terms and conditions of each country.

Carry-on restrictions

Under ICAO guidelines, security restrictions on liquids, gels and aerosols are in effect for all international flights departing from Korea after 06:00 AM on March 1st, 2007. Please read the following requirements carefully.

01. Prohibited Items
Liquids and Gels: Cosmetics, perfume, red ginseng extract, beverages, toothpaste, hair gel, shampoo, mascara, lipstick, sprays, fountain pens, water-soluble pens and lithium batteries.

Prohibited Items

02. Restrictions for carrying duty free items on board (direct flights)
  • ㆍ All items packed in a security tamper-evident bag regardless of size and quantity.
  • ㆍ All receipts for your orders must be in or on the security tamper-evident bag.
  • ㆍ All security tamper-evident bags must stay sealed until you are on the plane to your final destination.
03. Restrictions for carrying duty free items on board (connecting flights)
  • ㆍ Transit and transfer passengers may be restricted from carrying liquids and gels on board due to carry-on restrictions at certain airports.
  • ㆍ LOTTE Duty Free accepts no responsibility if liquids, gels and aerosols are not allowed on connecting flights or through other airports.
  • ㆍ Liquids, gels and aerosols may be seized according to carry-on restrictions at airports you are passing through. Please contact individual airlines for comprehensive information about baggage rules and restrictions.
  • ㆍ In principle, passengers must carry restricted items in their checked luggage, and it is prohibited to carry either new and unused restricted items on board.
04. Regulations for carry-on items
  • ㆍ Store liquids in containers and place the containers in a 20cm x 20cm (or smaller) transparent re-sealable plastic bag with a capacity of 1L or less.
  • ㆍ Capacity: up to 100ml per container and up to 1L per customer.
  • ㆍ The bag must remain sealed while you are on board.
  • ㆍ You are not allowed to carry improperly sealed bags on board.
  • ㆍ Limit one bag per passenger.
  • ㆍ Passengers should inform officers of medically necessary liquids, medications, formula, breast milk, and juice in quantities greater than 100ml.
    (Transparent and re-sealable plastic bags are available at airport grocery stores for passengers who do not have their own.)
※ Please pack and carry liquids, gels and aerosols in your checked luggage before boarding flights to Korea. ※ We recommend you arrive at the airport at least 3 hours prior to your scheduled departure time to account for delays at the security checkpoint. ※ Please contact individual airlines for details.
Customer Service Center Information
Operating based on Korea local time) Please contact LOTTE Online Duty Free with its available services: 1:1 inquiry (Customer Service Center → 1:1 Inquiry) or Online Mail Service(
  • Customer Service Center+82-1688-3020
  • Service Hours
    (KST, Mon to Fri)10:00~19:00