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ESG NEWS 2021.09.23

Lotte Duty Free Holds “Easy Mom Healing Time” to Increase the Cultural Sensibility of Marriage Immigrant Women

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- Co-hosted with Seoul Museum of Art, the program will be taking participants until October 7
- Intends to expands social contribution for mothers and women through the “Easy Mom” brand

Lotte Duty Free (CEO: Lee Kap) revealed on September 23 that they will be holding “Easy Mom Healing Time” to give healing experiences to marriage immigrant women in Korea.
Easy Mom Healing Time is a new social contribution activity that provides a program for understanding the value of experience and diversity for women who have immigrated and settled in Korea through international marriages. Easy Mom is Lotte Duty Free’s social contribution brand meant for women and children. The company uses the brand to express their willingness to support women in multicultural families and gift them with moments that can heal their body and soul.
The first theme of Easy Mom Healing Time is "nostalgia." Participants can take part in cultural experience programs such as appreciating works of art, making scented candles and candle holders to satisfy their nostalgia for a brief moment. Marriage immigrant women will also be given time to share about common concerns they may have.
Lotte Duty Free will be receiving applications of a total of 80 marriage immigrant women on a first-come, first-served basis. The application period is between September 23 and October 7, and no free is required. There will be a total of four sessions (20 persons at a time) starting on October 21. The details are available on the official social media channels of Lotte Duty Free.
Lee Sang-jin, the head of the Lotte Duty Free marketing division, said, “Lotte Duty Free will continue to take an interest in many multicultural women in Korea and will hold various types of social contribution activities.”
Lotte Duty Free has created the slogan “LDF Impact” in 2020, which symbolizes their desire of “spreading positive impact through social responsibility.” The company continues with their social contribution activities under three pillars: regional coexistence, environment, and women.