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LOTTE Duty Free

Management policy

  • Improving internal efficiencyImproving efficiency in the company
    by making prompt and accurate decisions
  • Organizational innovationSeeking innovation constantly
    based on challenging that employees are
    not intoxicated with the existing results
    and adaptability to change
  • Customer value managementSeeking to provide
    differentiated customer values.
  • GlobalizationSeeking to expand throughout the world market
    based on competitiveness as the Korean
    industry leader

Core values

5 core values are shared by the members of Lotte Duty Free Shop, the number 1 duty free shop in Asia.
These values are the guidelines of specific behaviors for the members to achieve their vision of the Global Top duty free shop.

  • Creativity Providing the services which cannot easily be imitated through creative views and innovative activities.
  • Cooperation Seeking cooperation which crosses boundaries to create better values being actively interested in various fields.
  • Professionalism Seeking clear goals with having a sense of responsibility and will to achieve them.
  • Performance Continuing to improve results through clear evaluation of and feedback on them.
  • Activeness/Autonomy Respecting individual ability and opinions and seeking to improve their duties voluntarily.