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The Beginning of Lyrical Journey

The beginning Of Lyrical Jounrey

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Seoul Full ver

Seoul, Toward the playground of the youth The beginning of a lyrical journey

Wow, you draw so well! It looks like you! Yeah! It totally looks like you!

Hey driver! Why? Let’s go over there! Wow, this place is amazing! Hanok Stay!
Hey guys! Why~ Admire the pebbles under your feet Gaze at the infinite landscape
Get a taste of the most elegant and beautiful world. Enjoy it all the way

Thank you So, where shall we go now? Tada! What’s that?
There’s an amazing Korokke restaurant just nearby! I’ll go with an ice cream
It’s right over there, just behind that alley Ah~ That way? Alright! Let’s go!
Hello! I will take the vegetable toppings Chanseong, this is so good! You like it?

Let’s grab the wings of the wind And begin our journey

Let’s improvise a small concert, With a handful of dreams and the verse of a poem.

When you turn your head, you will discover a hidden treasure.