Notice on the Change of Terms of Service

Thank you very much for always using the Lotte Duty Free. 
We are informing you on the changes to the Terms of Service of Lotte Duty Free.

  1. 1. Reason for the Change
    Additional clauses related to the implementation of LDF PAY services
  2. 2. Details on the Changes to the Terms of Service
    Can be found on the membership page
  3. 3. Effective Date of the Amended Terms of Service May 15, 2019 

※ When not consenting to the amended terms of service, you can withdraw from membership by requesting a membership “withdrawal,” or raising objections through the customer service (1688-3000). When not raising a separate objection prior to the effective date of the amended terms of service, you will be deemed to have consented to this change, and the amended terms of service shall apply.


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