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Ethical Management

Trust Relationship with Lotte Families

    • Draw a clear line between public and private matters and give chances fairly.
    • We are all part of someone’s precious family.
    • Safety is the starting point of everything.
    • An honest report makes our efforts and passion more valuable.
    • The company’s properties belong to all employees of Lotte.
    • Intellectual properties—the fruit of our efforts—should be protected by all of us.
    • Information disclosure is caused by a small act of carelessness.
    • There is no unpaid favor, no matter how small it is.
    • Do not pursue personal gains with internal information.
    • Separate politics from economy.

Trust Relationship with Customers

    • Be the No. 1 brand in customers’ heart
    • Honesty is the best way to gain customers’ trust.
    • Customer information is as precious as our lives.

Trust Relationship with Partners

    • Fairness and trust are what make our partners one team.
    • Partnership becomes stronger when it is built on mutual respect.
    • Fair competition is what makes us stronger.
    • Gathering of information should be legitimate and legal.

Trust Relationship with the Society

    • The natural environment is something that we temporarily borrowed from our next generation.
    • Our biggest joy is sharing what we were given by the society.
    • Others will respect us if we also respect them.