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Best Programs A company that contributes to society! Sharing Management! As the nation’s largest duty-free shop committed to becoming a world-leading retailer, Lotte Duty Free Shop strives to fulfill various social responsibilities.
Lotte Duty Free Shop been carrying out a variety of social contribution programs such as support for the disadvantaged, for business of small and medium retailers and their growth and more.

About Under Stand Avenue

Under Stand Avenue, representing both standing out from under and understanding of different social classes. It is a space built from $8.7 million in donations from Lotte Duty Free, ARCON, and Seongdong-gu Office to help vulnerable groups achieve success and improve understanding of different social classes. Based on 7 stands with different social values and ideals, Under Stand Avenue will be a center for helping teenagers and other social groups struggling from workplace, family, and school bullying difficulties and for improving understanding of them through support from Lotte Duty Free.

About each stand


    A happy recipe for the health of your mind and body Helping women of multicultural or single-parent families so that they can proudly stand on their own feet.

    Art stop for creators Supporting artists and contents creators and sharing a happy culture with the locals.

    A vocational school where teenagers can learn and work Offering teenagers a career training program so that they can grow and become independent.

    TANKI character items, in cooperation with companies run by young people A variety of TANKI Family character items such as stationery, accessory, etc., are available.

    A world-changing lifestyle Social enterprises and youth ventures gather together to offer a new lifestyle.

    A first step toward ideas for the world A pilot space to support social enterprises, the youth, and artists in their efforts to take their first step.

    Healing space for a happy life Offering customized healing service to improve their life happiness index.

    A space of hope for the dreams of the Youth Discovering new ideas of the youth and encouraging start-ups in local communities.


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Bus Information Guide Bus no. 121, 2014, 2224, or 2413 to Seoul Forest Station
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