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FAQ Best of 5

1Who can shop at DFS?
Anyone who is traveling outside of Korea can shop at DFS and pick up their purchased goods after their passports are stamped.
2What kinds of IDs do I need in order to shop at DFS?
In order for you to shop at DFS, you must have an itinerary including the date, airport, and airline information with you.
3By when do I have to make my purchase?
When to purchase period depends on your place of departure; Incheon, Gimpo, Busan, Jeju, or Daegu airport, or Busan port. Click below for more information.
4What if my schedule changes?
You can change your departure date until 2 days prior to the original date only if departing from Gimpo or Incheon airport.
Please let us know at least 4 days prior to the original date in case of departing from a place other than those two airports.
(Call: Lotte Main at 02-317-7701~4 between 09:30~22:00)
5What should I keep in mind when picking up my goods?
*Please pick up your goods at least 1~2 hours before your departure time.
*Check the items and their quantities before you sign for them. Notify the attendant for any possible discrepancies. We are not responsible with your purchased goods once you are on the plane.
*You can only receive the goods when departing, never when arriving.

FAQ Total

What are the DF limits for Korean nationals?
*Korean citizens can purchase up to 3,000 USD DF goods when departing from Korea.
*When returning to Korea, however, only up to 600 USD is duty free.
Do you offer any discounts for using certain credit cards?
Lotte DFS VIP Silver members get 5~10% discounts, while Gold members get 5~15% discounts.
(Some items are excluded from this offer. When DFS is having a sale, both the Silver and Gold members get up to 30% discounts and additional 5% on sale items.)